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QuickBooks Online + PayPal

Does Working With QuickBooks Online + PayPal Stress You Out?

  • Does working with PayPal in QuickBooks take your focus away from your important business goals?

  • Do you find yourself shaking your head in frustration?
  • Do you spend hours poring over reports or trying to find discrepancies?

  • Do you get a headache trying to make these tools work together?

Finally! A Course Designed To Help You
Maximize And Harness The Power Of QuickBooks Online + PayPal!

QuickBooks Online + PayPal

You'll learn:

  • How QuickBooks Online works with PayPal.
  • How to find opening balance entries.
  • Where to find all your PayPal fees.
  • How to set up products and services.
  • The special tricks to managing all your PayPal transactions inside QuickBooks Online.
  • Navigate your bills, invoices, and electronic checks (aka e-checks) and transfer between accounts with ease. You'll confidently tackle all kinds of transactions!
  • How to cross-check your work like a pro and troubleshoot issues.
  • The most effective ways to conduct other activities, including journal entries and reconciliation.

BONUS:  All students will have access to our exclusive, private Facebook Group where you can ask questions and get support

from others in the course on all things PayPal and QuickBooks. Of course, we'll try to squeeze a little bit of fun in there, too!

Course Overview

Module One: Getting Started

  • Lesson 1: Connecting PayPal to QBO
  • Lesson 2: QBO - Finding the Opening Balance Entry
  • Lesson 3: PayPal Fees - Gross or Net
  • Lesson 4: Setting Up Products and Services
Mod1 - How To Record PayPal fees in QuickBooks Online

Module Two: Transactions

  • Lesson 1: Dealing with Duplicates – Bills, Invoices and eChecks
  • Lesson 2: Recurring Transactions and Copy
  • Lesson 3: Transfers Between PayPal and Checking
  • Lesson 4: Handling Expenses
  • Lesson 5: Sales Receipts and Invoices
  • Lesson 6: Refunds
  • Lesson 7: Currency Conversions
Mod2 - How To Handle Transfers Between PayPal and Bank Accounts

Module Three: Reports and Reconciling

  • Lesson 1: Reports to Download
  • Lesson 2: Sorting Reports
  • Lesson 3: Recording Fees – Gross or Net
  • Lesson 4: Other Activity and Journal Entries for Currency Conversions
  • Lesson 5: Reconciling PayPal Like a Bank Account
  • Lesson 6: When Things Don’t Add Up
Mod3 - How To Reconcile PayPal in QuickBooks Online

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Meet Your Instructor: Michelle Mangen

Michelle Mangen, CEO and founder of Your Virtual Assistant, knows firsthand the struggles and challenges you face when using QuickBooks Online and PayPal. After working extensively with both software platforms in her own business as well as those of her clients, she understands the nuances of both tools, and has found better ways to navigate and get things done in both platforms. Michelle developed her own signature process for working with both QuickBooks and PayPal, and created this course to teach you the tips and tricks that will save your time—and sanity—when it comes to your bookkeeping tasks.

Your Virtual Assistant

What Our Students Are Saying

Jessica W

"I've learned techniques and skills from Michelle

to be more efficient, thorough and to gain

a better knowledge of QuickBooks. Her lessons

are structured in a clear and concise manner

while providing solution based instructions

for anyone to easily learn from."

Jessica W.

Carol T

"Michelle taught me the processes and mechanics of syncing and integrating QuickBooks with PayPal, and my life immediately became easier. No more manual transaction entries, and reconciling accounts simply require verification. Her expertise and keen eye for details, enhances her teaching style and makes it easy to learn."

Carol T.

Jen B

"Even with a background in bookkeeping and accounting I had always struggled to use QuickBooks. Michelle's training allowed me to

learn each individual function of QuickBooks and how it relates to the system as a whole. She made

it easy to understand the often complicated terminology. Training with Michelle taught me

not only to use the software appropriately but

also to understand the reasoning behind it."

Jen B.

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